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Are you prepared to impress your partner
with a unique activity?

Imagine being in a cozy, romantic atmosphere, bathed in soft lighting and serenaded by romantic slow jams, surrounded by a captivating variety of fragrances. It's the perfect setting to craft your own candles and set the mood for an unforgettable date night. Get ready to ignite the flames of love as you and your partner create a connection that's as unique as your custom candles.

Where Sparks Fly On and Off the Wick


First Wednesday, Thursday 

& Friday of Each Month

This is going to be a HOT date!

What's Included?

  • Craft A Custom 10oz Candle Add More Personalized Touches On-site

  • Enjoy a Tranquil Ambiance with Romantic Music

  • Rose Quartz Crystals for that Touch of Love

  • Love Notes - Pen Down Heartfelt Messages to Each Other to Open When the Candle is Lit

Get Creative!

During the first hour, let your creative juices flow as our expert candle artisans guide you through crafting your very own unique candles. With a plethora of fragrances to choose from, you can design candles as distinctive as your personality. Our team will provide all the supplies you need to ensure your creations shine.

The Golden Hour!

During the second hour, while your candles set, it's time to embrace your inner superstar with our electrifying karaoke sessions and candle-themed trivia games. With a curated playlist of top 40 hits, hip hop, pop, afrobeats, reggaeton etc, the stage is set for an evening of laughter, music, and making memories.

date night1.jpg

Ready to kindle the flames of love and craft an unforgettable date night? Why don’t you make it a double date night!


Secure your spot now and let's create a romantic experience that'll leave you both glowing with love!

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