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Prepare for a night of relaxation and creativity as we combine the allure of Halloween, hookah and the art of candle making!

Step into an atmosphere where the aroma of flavorful hookah blends seamlessly with the artistry of candle making. Whether you're an experienced hookah aficionado or a novice, this event welcomes all to unwind and craft beautiful candles in a laid-back and inviting space. It's a night to savor your favorite shisha, design your own candles, and create lasting memories.

Hey there, Hookah Enthusiasts!


Are you ready to get jiggy with it?

What's Included?

  • Craft your own 10oz candle, customized to your preferences

  • Choose from a variety of hookah flavors to enjoy throughout the evening

  • Participate in relaxing candle crafting sessions and unleash your creativity

Get Creative!

During our gathering, you'll have the opportunity to relax with friends and fellow hookah enthusiasts. Craft your 10oz candle, customizing it with your preferred fragrances and style. Our expert guides will be on hand to assist you in creating a candle that reflects your unique taste.

The Golden Hour!

As you enjoy the soothing ambiance, savor a variety of hookah flavors, allowing the fragrant clouds to enhance your relaxation. Dive into candle crafting sessions, letting your creativity flow while surrounded by like-minded individuals. It's a night to unwind, connect, and immerse yourself in the world of hookah and candle making.


Ready to unwind, enjoy the flavors of hookah, and create your very own custom candles in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere?


Secure your spot now at the Halloween Hookah & Candle Crafting Extravaganza and prepare for a night of chill vibes, camaraderie, and creative expression!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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