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I hereby acknowledge that this Photography Release Form (hereinafter referred to as "Form") became effective immediately on the date of the photo/video shoot.

I hereby authorize ReWax and UnWine, the owners and associates to edit, change copy, and make any use of all photographs and videos taken of me to be used for promotional materials.

I hereby acknowledge that I will not be entitled to payment or any sort of charge for such action. 

I authorize the use of my photograph and video for, but no limited to, publication on the internet, magazines, billboards, journals, books, television, social media, articles etc., provided that it is done for lawful purposes. 

Upon the usage of my photographs or videos, I consent to such materials becoming the sole property of ReWax and UnWine and that I will no longer be entitled to them, provided that it is done for lawful purposes.

I hereby release all rights to any, but not limited to, claims, rights, demands, and/or any causes of action by me or my representatives, heirs or anyone else

Furthermore, I hereby waive my right to any royalty or any other compensation with regards to the usage of the photos and videos referred to in this Form. 

Signature Required

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