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Spring is about to be SPRUNG!

What's that fresh feeling? The clouds seem more vibrant. The air is starting to feel crisper. Flowers are budding, the weather and temperatures are improving. Spring is inching upon us!

March 20th is the first day of Spring in 2021 and what better way to celebrate then planning a first time visit or even a re-visit to your favorite candle making experience ReWax and UnWine.

What are your favorite Spring scents? Maybe some earthy cut grass and light uplifting fragrances! We love a good April rain shower smell in the air!

New season, new me? Better yet new season, NEW FRAGRANCES! Fresh new candle scents to have a spring cleaning marathon at home. Your candles will be LIT! All of those lovely Spring smells are great but what better fragrances than lovely florals and sweet smells?

  • Joining the LIT party at our NJ studio are Jasmine and Gardenia!

Mmmm I can almost feel ourselves walking through a field of flowers with warm and giddy smile on our faces!

We are also featuring some customer favorites Plumeria, Cactus Jade, and Honey this Spring. All the benefits of lucious honey without the scariness of bees and their hives! Have you had the opportunity to smell these fantastic scents in our studio? Spring has truly SPRUNG! We are all

about customization and what better way to celebrate then with our new premeir featured fragrances. Bring a friend, bring a family member, come alone if you have to. (We know 2021 is full of healing, self care and self love and we're here for it<3)

Winter will soon be behind us. Queen Elsa said "the cold never bothered us anyway." She obviously hasn't experienced a winter in the tri-state or east coast! Let It Go Elsa! We are ready for the crisp temperatures and amazing smells of Spring

poured into our hand poured candles! Don't wait, book now! Spacing is limited. Don't forget any event can still be turned into a private event with a four person mimum upon request. We are social distancing and want you to feel safe but have a fantastic time.

Come pour wax pour wine, have a lovely time with ReWax and UnWine in the Springtime!

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