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The Candle Industry is Booming!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In 2019, the candle industry was valued at ​$3.54B​ and is now projected to grow to ​$6.64B​ by 2027.

candle making businesses

Did you know that the candle industry is projected to grow to over six BILLION dollars in the next four years? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity by starting a business with a remarkable return on investment!

Read these amazing facts about the candle industry that align directly with ReWax & UnWine's successful business plan:

Candle Industry Facts:

✧ 94% of American consumers say the fragrance of a candle is important, and 90% say they purchase candles as gifts. (Source: National Candle Association)

At ReWax & UnWine, we have years of experience understanding and supplying this market. We know what fragrances are preferred each season and offer a combination of 60+ scents to ensure our customers design something unique to them. We take pride in training our hosts to give the ultimate experience through not only combining fragrances but also creating special moments.

✧ 43% of Americans burn candles weekly, with 75% saying they use candles to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in their homes. (Source: Statista)

At ReWax & UnWine, we appreciate our candle-loving regulars. Our value proposition for them is offering new and exciting thematic events each quarter so they can participate again and again without ever getting bored. This provides us with a portfolio of new and loyal customers, giving stability and projection to our business income.

As the FIRST candle-making franchise studio of its kind in North America, ReWax & UnWine has hit the ground running in a niche market that is projected to make billions over the next several years. As more people navigate toward self care and home decor, the need for unique candles is on the rise. Be part of this untapped market with your very own franchise!

This is a big opportunity, and we will be there with you making this happen each step of the way. Begin your new journey to financial freedom!

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