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Unleash Your Inner Zen:
A blissful melting pot of candles, yoga and fun.

Join us for an afternoon of candle-making, relaxation, and yoga with a trained yogi to help you achieve ultimate zen.

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Strike a pose and

pour some wax!

Experience Zen-sational Bliss and
the Aroma-magic of candles!

What's Included?

  • One 10oz Candle with the option to add more on site

  • 45 Mins Beginner-Friendly Yoga

  • BYOB (beer, wine, wine coolers, champagne, and hard seltzer)

  • Outdoor Patio (weather-permitting)

Get Creative!

 During the FIRST HOUR you will be able to create your own 10 oz candle. You'll be able to choose your favorite fragrance from over 50 scents. You'll also have the option to upgrade the size of the jars and add all sorts of cool extras like floral, crystals, and even gold flakes!
Let your imagination shine and enjoy a unique experience!

The Golden Hour!

During the SECOND HOUR, it's time to release your inner zen while your candles dry! We'll head outside to the patio to get our yoga on with a trained yoga instructor who will guide you in a beginner's class that will make you feel like you have a light of your own!
Take notes: no experience needed. You only need to bring your own mat and a strong desire to have a great time.!

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Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to curate your own ambiance and indulge in relaxation.


There are limited seats so book your spot now and prepare for an evening of creativity, serenity, and endless fun!

  • 60 US dollars
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